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We Had a Dream

and we shared it with you

When we started ACANTO, we were idealizing a dream that started 18 years ago, when 2 guys realized that IT could be a great path help to make the world better.

Why WISE: Name and Brand

Our product line was designed to deliver to merchants and consumers a new level in their relationship, based on a smart use of the existing information available.

According to the dictionary, the term WISE means "having the power of discerning and judging properly as to what is true or right; possessing discernment, judgment, or discretion" and there is no better way to describe what our platform does to Merchants and Consumers.


The brand displays two important elements that deliver the idea behind this concept: a cube and an owl.

The Cube in the information technology is the central element in business intelligence concept, representing data along some measure of interest in a multi-dimensional scenario.

The Owl is has been used in different cultures as a symbol of wisdom and its wings means that it's time to face the shadows.

Our Vision

By providing matching opportunities between Merchants and Consumers, improving one-to-one relationships and 
shopping experiences!.

Understanding our Company: Name and Brand

Acanto Logo

Our company name and brand translate precisely our values.
The name "acanto" comes from the Greek "acanthus", a very common leaf used as a decoration element in the greek and roman ancient architecture and is associated with immortality.
During the time, the acanto leaf have been used in different cultures as a symbol of nobility, purity, honesty, honor, character and moral perfection.

The brand represents, through multiple quadrilaterals, the various parts involved in the formation of the software. Squares also represent the bit and the digital universe. The gentle gradient from light blue to dark blue represents the integration process. And the acanthus leaf, presented in its transverse form, represents the company. The position of the sheet, closer to the dark area of the brand denotes that the company facilitates the business processes for the customer, turning something dark and complicated into something lighter and functional. The top of the sheet overlaps the quadrilaterals representing the scope of the company.